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Tiffany is a busy working mom who was not a musician herself but loved what learning to play the violin could give to her daughters.  She began video recording their lessons with their teacher, Juliette, and used them regularly.  However, she found it difficult to refer back to certain videos and organizing them was difficult. She also felt her time would be better spent during the lesson focusing on what was being taught rather than on video recording.

Juliette had long envisioned a practice site for her students that would have practice videos and many more benefits.  Juliette had some students that she knew could use more help with home practice.

Tiffany approached Juliette and a true collaboration of ideas (and work!) began.  We are so excited to offer this site to you and hope that it makes your family say, “Let’s Go Practice!”

Videos: We have found both students and parents enjoy practicing when they have videos of the pieces. Let’s Go Practice provides play along videos and practice spots to most of the violin learning repertoire. With our practice videos, you will not have to spend valuable lesson time recording songs (at tempo, below tempo, etc.) and you can allow your teacher to focus the lesson time on teaching.

  1. Violin repertoire: All popular violin lesson songs including the Suzuki repertoire: Videos provided are violin pieces at a slower pace, at tempo and some practice spots. Our own students (and children) have had tremendous success using these videos, and we hope your family will too!
  2. “Practice Spot”  Videos focus on showing you and your child how to practice some common trouble spots, through repetition and small steps.

Let’s Go Practice serves parents and students across the country, helping students practice in tune and helping them practice more efficiently.

I hope you’ll take the chance to try out Let’s Go Practice and see how it can help you with your child’s violin practice!

Juliette Suzuki photo

Juliette Javaheri, since moving to Houston in 2013, has quickly become one of the city’s preeminent violin teachers and performers. Equally in demand as a chamber musician and pedagogue, Javaheri maintains a full studio of beginner through collegiate-level students, while playing throughout the area in a variety of ensembles, including as a substitute violinist with the Houston Symphony, Mercury and as Concertmaster of Opera In the Heights. Additional substitute orchestral engagements include The Indianapolis, Charleston, and Santa Cruz Symphonies and the Louisiana Philharmonic. Javaheri has also performed at the Aspen, Breckenridge and Spoleto Music Festivals.

Ms. Javaheri studied at Rice University and Indiana University, and holds Bachelors and Masters of Music degrees in violin performance. Her primary teachers are Kenneth Goldsmith, Miriam Fried and Alexander Kerr, in addition to studying pedagogy with Mimi Zweig, Carrie Reuning-Hummel, Edward Sprunger and Doris Preucil.
Javaheri’s students have attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, been members of Virtuosi of Houston, performed as finalists in the Houston Young Artist Competition, and been awarded prizes in the Mika Hasler Competition. Javaheri has served as a violin coach for the Houston Youth Symphony and is an active board member of the Southeast Texas Suzuki Association.

Previous projects include founding Houston’s popular Axiom String Quartet, which went on to become Quartet-In-Residence at the University of St. Thomas Music Preparatory School, serving as Concertmaster of the Phantom of the Opera National Tour and founding Classical Revolution Indianapolis.

Tiffany Kent - Let's Go Practice

Tiffany Kent, is mother of Alexandra (age 9) who has been studying violin for 6 years, Caroline (age 7) who has been studying violin for 4 years and Henry (4 years) who dances to the beat when the girls practice their violin.

As a busy working mom, Tiffany tries to practice every night with Alexandra and Caroline.  Countless tough nights, arguments, laughs, wrong notes, fun conclusions the girls come to, can’t top the most satisfying reward of hearing her girls play a piece that is well practiced!


Your teacher always knows best and this site does NOT take the place of a teacher. In fact, we do not try to teach. We are providing a tool to make your home practice more productive. We provide recordings at slower speeds to help you and your child practice their pieces.  The videos are also intended to help make review more fun, as it’s always more enjoyable to make music with people rather than by your self.  If your private teacher has not introduced you to a piece or technique found on this site, you should NOT practice it at home. Practicing anything before your teacher shows you may introduce bad habits that are hard to fix.