“Thought you’d like to know that I have told multiple people about your website. My daughter just returned from her lesson and is glowing! It was the first time she was able to play through the 2nd violin part of the Bach double with the 1st violin playing and not becoming terribly lost! We both feel it was from practicing all weekend with your video. Thank you!!!!!” Mother, Round Hill, TX

“My students have been so motivated since using Let’s Go Practice. They are learning HOW to practice and having fun playing. Thank you so much for this amazing resource.”   Suzuki Teacher, NYC

“As a parent with no musical background I was struggling to teach my child the correct things. I personally have trouble playing or singing in tune. These videos have been a godsend b/c now we can all sing together and I’m getting better too.”  Parent, TX

“Thanks to Let’s Go Practice, my kids want to practice. They have fun playing along with the videos and can better practice the detailed spots from their private Suzuki lesson that I sometimes forget.” Parent of 2